I am a Full Stack web application developer with over 5 years experience using Python/Django to build applications from the ground up. I am comfortable participating in the whole life cycle of software development and easily adapt to new technologies. I have experience with continuous delivery and migrating data.


Independent Full Stack Developer

World Food Guide https://worldfood.guide/

Conception, design and development of a mobile-compatible web application using open source web technology Python/Django, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL database. The website has image manipulation capabilities, responsive design, user registration and login integration with Facebook users. The application is currently being migrated from a shared hosting to Heroku and AWS (S3, Lambda) as well as being implemented with continuous integration/deployment with Github.

WorldFood.Guide is an online database of dishes from cuisines around the world, including photos, descriptions, and lists of dishes in which the content is user generated. The website receives thousands of new organic visits every month according to the analytic tools implemented. It has many first page results in search engines using best practice SEO techniques without additional promotion.

Prosoft Associates, Washington DC - IT Consultant
Washington, DC (April 2005 - present)

Full-stack Web Application Developer

Developed Prosoft's Talent Management System. This web application is used by recruiters to manage the entire process of recruiting new talent. It was developed using Python/Django, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL database. For temporary access: https://tms-s.herokuapp.com/ (Username: Visitor / Password: visitor)

Web Developer at EEOC.gov
Maintain all of the EEOC’s websites up to date in Spanish and English in compliance with Section 508.

Peruvian Air Force, Peru - IT Specialist

Designed and developed the first Airplane Maintenance Computer System of the Peruvian Air Force, a Patient Registration and Management Module for the Air Force Health Management System at their hospital, and a Human Resources Control System for their HR department. In charge of all stages of the development including choosing the best technologies available at that time such as Oracle Designer/Forms/Reports and Powerbuilder Foundation Class with SQL Server database.


Bachelor of Computer and Systems Engineering
San Martin de Porres University (1996 – 2000)
Lima, Peru

Peruvian Air Force “Innovation and Quality Competition” Winner
Awarded for the development of the first Airplane Maintenance Computer System

Peruvian Air Force Official Recognition 
Recognition for the development of the Human Resources Control System